Patch 1.07b Hot Fix Notes

Thanks to our great community we were able to whip up this hot fix that hopefully address some of the issues from the last patch. Thanks everyone for helping make Forge Great!


  • Ranked Arenas can now have spectators, and will rotate players between rounds.
  • Matchmaking improvements to reduce the likelihood of joining empty servers.
  • Tutorial mode toggles properly when hitting ‘F1′.
  • Survivor medals can’t be earned through suicides.
  • Players can’t respawn just after the match ends in Arena mode.
  • Fix for players getting assists when a teammate dies.
  • Improvements to Steam Stats handling to reduce the likelihood of dramatic ranking loss or failure to gain XP.
  • AFK kicks apply while the server is waiting for players again.


  • New ranking tier icons.
  • Ranking tier icons are explained in the splash screen for Ranked Arena.
  • Double/Triple down arrows appear in the scoreboard in Ranked Arena for large ELO losses.
  • Grammar fixes for Ravager ability descriptions.
  • Level Up menu correctly handles losing titles through class resets.
  • Players don’t look like they lose lots of ELO if they join part-way through a Ranked Arena game (visual bug).
  • Fixed leaver warning sometimes coming at the wrong time


  • Shield Storm no longer attacks people from beyond the grave.