USPS Liteblue Login tutorial for all Postal department employees. USPS stands for United States Postal Services. It is the biggest logistics company operating under the government of the United States.

The primary function of USPS is to offer postal services in the whole of the U.S. hence, improving the communication sector and making it better. As a result of the organization’s great value to many people, another organization known as Liteblue was created.

The main reason for creating the Liteblue portal is to have a platform to give information about the operations to the employees.

LiteBlue Login at

You must be a USPS employee with a unique ID to log in to access the services. There is no need for registration here.

  1. Visit the official Liteblue Login Portal at the Liteblue.USPS.Gov page.
  2. Enter your Liteblue SSP Username and Password.
  3. Click on Login, then You will be redirected to your Liteblue account dashboard.

Benefits of LiteBlue USPS gov Login

  • To have access to learn more about the employee assistant program.
  • You can retrieve your earning statement with ease.
  • You can change the address and contact details at any time.
  • It is easy to add or change a new beneficiary.
  • You can view the USPS gov human resources.
  • You view the payroll in the account.

Below are the steps involved when logging into USPS:

First of all, you must have an employee ID. However, if you do not have one, you can always check through the statement of your earnings’. The unique ID has 8 digits which can easily be located on the statement.

The next thing you will require is the USPS password. The password will enable you to log in and access the USPS applications. However, if you do not have the password, you just follow the steps above, showing how to register for a USPS Liteblue.

Now when you have both the password and the employee ID, take the following steps to log into LiteBlue.

  • To start with you click on the official web page,
  • In the link, you will be instructed to key in the details
  • Enter the appropriate details, i.e., USPS password and employee ID, then sign into Liteblue.
  • The following step is to click on the log on option
  • At this point, to have access to the LiteBlue USPS account.
usps liteblue employee delivering a courier

LiteBlue USPS Login Portal Features

  1. Liteblue has the following features:
  2. The employee database is well secured and has good record keeping
  3. The process of processing shipment and dropping of mails to the destinations is automatic
  4. All US post services employees can manage their work, products, recognition, and revenue details through LiteBlue USPS.
  5. With LiteBlue USPS, one can easily access other portals such as Liteblue Postalease, USPS Track, USPS official website, LiteBlue USPS EPayroll, and Business Customer Gateway.

Sing Up for USPS LITEBLUE Account

  • You will have to create a new account in order to access the USPS Liteblue services. Simply follow the steps highlighted below:
  • Once you open the home page,
  • Select the self-service profile and click on the link.
  • Choose the option of “Forgot Password.”
  • Follow the link to the next page, where you will have to key in the employee identification number.
  • Once you key in the ID number, click on verify employee ID
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be prompted to enter a new password and confirm the new password.
  • Next, you will have to select security questions and provide answers.
  • You can then choose to add an e-mail or skip it.
  • Re-check to ensure all the details are entered correctly, then submit.
  • You will have successfully created a USPS new user account with the above simple steps.

However, if you experience difficulties, you can contact TDD/TTY-866-260-7507 or 1-877-477-3273 to get the necessary help from the USPS Human Resource Shared Service Center.

How to Reset USPS Liteblue Password?

If you forget the password or you just want to change the password, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, visit the login page
  • Click on the ‘forget password’ option, then select reset LiteBlue USPS password.
  • At this point, you will be redirected to a new page
  • On the new page, you will have to verify the employee ID
  • At this point, you just enter the employee ID and follow the instructions.

Within no time, you will have a new password for your account.

If you want to retrieve your USPS pin number, you simply dial 1-877-477-3273, then select 1 and give the details of your employee ID.

After that, click 2, and you will get back the pin number to the e-mail you used.

How to Change Liteblue Portal Language to Spanish?

It is possible to choose the language you understand best. It doesn’t have to be English only. Follow the steps below to change to your preferred language:

  • Get access to your USPS account
  • Select the “My profile” option, then go to “My Preferences.”
  • Check down you will see the language
  • Click on the language and select your preferred language, then submit.
  • After this, the next time you log in, the details will be in the language you updated.

Is SSP Profile Page secure?

An SSP is a Self-Service Profile. It enables the user to easily access all web applications by managing the passwords, PIN, profile details, and ending e-mails. The SSP is highly secured with the help of HTTPS protocols.

Is my e-mail essential?

Yes, it is crucial to have an e-mail address. It helps when managing the passwords and matters concerning security questions. All these can only be done through e-mails.

How can I find my employee ID easily?

You can get the employee ID on the USPS blue page or USPS pay stub. Just log in and click on “My Profile.”

Any contacts for USPS shared services center?

If you have any questions or relevant information to pass across, contact 1-877-477-3273 and select option 5

Do I really need to have a PIN?

Yes. However, it is applicable only through phone lines. Although, you need EIN (Employee Identification Number) and password to log in to the web page.

Who can access the SSP?

Only new employees and current employees of USPS can access the SSP portal.

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