Patch 1.07 Notes

Key New Features

  • Ranked Arena!

Play against the best in Arena-style games for an official ranking, using a heavily modified ELO system. Matches are 3v3, played with 5 rounds per map over the Arena maps. Compare your ranking with friends and the best in Forge via the Leaderboards.

  • Armor Sets!

The skins system has been replaced with armor sets – now you can choose separate armor for each class’s head, body, arms, legs and feet. The default and Founder skins are now armor sets. The level 99 Black skin is now an armor set available at level 25. And level 99′s now get access to the all-new Divine armor set.


  • Forest Ambush Arena – a new map to join the Arena rotation!
  • Reworked spawn points on the Capital Siege Market and Forest Ambush maps.
  • AFK kick doesn’t activate while the server is still waiting for players (pre-warmup).
  • Several issues with leaderboard values fixed.


  • All new look for the Level Up menu!
  • You can’t accidentally activate the chat box while playing by clicking on it with the hidden mouse.
  • The chat text entry box background won’t stretch up over time if you haven’t chatted and somebody else has.
  • You can now buy levels for classes when you have the exact amount of XP left to buy that level.
  • Killcam UI icons show up properly when you die in bot match.


  • Bots now get picked at random when more then 5 players are playing in coop.
  • Coop bots will not be added until new players pick a class for the first time.

Press Kit:

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