Forge F2P

Since our launch we have been listening to all of you and adding the features that you wanted in Forge in every release. You have all made Forge a much better game then when we released a little over 9 months ago. And for that I thank all of you! We still have a few very important features for the success of Forge yet to implement like teams and Guilds (which is almost ready), but we’re getting there with your help and support. However, this next release is all about Forge’s survival. As you all know, we’re an Indie developer and are able to continue to support the game with new features from the sales of Forge every month. In order to continue to do this we must change our business plan in order to get more players playing Forge so it’s fun for everyone and to continue funding development. This is why Forge must go F2P.

So, what will Forge F2P look like? Well, we continue to stand by our commitment that Forge will not be pay-to-win. As you see from our item store already, items are cosmetic. We hope in the future to add customization to cosmetic items as well. So the assassin could have a different dagger that gave her some kind of customization as well. For now, we will offer armor sets and XP boosts. We will be introducing 4 new sets including Bivröst Armor, Gullveig’s Armor, Armor of Muspelheim, and new war-painted helms: the Bardajalmor. For a while we had the idea of being a little more of a Freemium offering and charging for Progression. We have since decided from feedback from all of you to drop this idea and allow all access to the Item Store.

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from all of you as well as from some F2P experts on our pricing. One common theme is that we need to have items priced for all types of players. So, some that are priced for the first purchase player and some higher priced more exclusive items. We also want to take into account the time it takes to play Forge to unlock some of these items. For example, The Kaldrhiti Armor takes around 800 games to unlock. It’s hard to put a price on your time playing Forge, but we don’t want to de-value it. So, this will obviously be a higher priced more exclusive item.

We are also planning to have some Starter Packs available on Steam at different price points and offering different items. There will be one priced at $19 and we plan to give everyone who has purchased Forge this pack which will most likely contain a timed XP boost and a skin set for all characters. We really want to make sure you’re all happy with the F2P transition since you all got us to where we are today :)

This is a really big change for Forge. We are hoping that with the new progression changes from the last patch that the new influx of players will have an easier time finding out how fun Forge can be. We are targeting next week for this release. The release will also contain some stability fixes as well. Thank you all again for all your help and suggestions that went into our F2P transition. Now, is everyone ready for all the new players that will be coming to Forge next week?