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Forge is a class based multiplayer shooter set in a distinct fantasy universe.

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These patch notes are intended to highlight the most significant changes but don’t cover every modification to the game as part of this update. Key New Features FORGE Teams! Lojki’s Undraskalmor Helm Fixed stability issues Added Shaman Pioneer Armor Set UI Added Loading screens between store, Guilds, and Teams Created new Character main menu item. [...]
First, before I talk about what’s beyond teams I want to give a quick update. Teams has officially entered Closed Beta. If you are a Closed Beta Tester you can view directions on how to access Teans in the CB forums. FORGE Teams is very close to the game design that you all came up [...]
This patch contains a lot of behind the scenes changes that aren’t very visible. We’ve been able to make significant savings on our infrastructure by moving our data center. That’s not really noticeable to you except that we can move more funds from our infrastructure costs towards development going forward. Updating our game server build [...]