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Forge is a class based multiplayer shooter set in a distinct fantasy universe.

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I know that teams and ranked arena is very important to all of you. You’ve been posting on it for at least a year now. This is a critical feature to have in a competitive game and I think it’s time we got it in there. However, this is a very critical feature that I [...]
Because Guilds is such a big feature and requires a large number of people to properly test we are adding the label “Beta” to it. Meaning that we are still testing and will fast patch any issues should they arise. To thank players during this beta period we will be awarding exclusive Forge Assassin T-shirts [...]
So, where to begin? I believe an apology is in order first. I am sincerely sorry for not keeping all of you up to date during this last development cycle. To fix this I am I am planning to have a weekly chat maybe on our mumble channel with anyone that would like to chat [...]