I know that teams and ranked arena is very important to all of you. You’ve been posting on it for at least a year now. This is a critical feature to have in a competitive game and I think it’s time we got it in there. However, this is a very critical feature that I don’t want to get wrong. You all seem to have a vision for what it should look like. We have always been listening to you and to keep with that theme I’d like to propose an experiment in game design where you design the feature. That way I get it exactly the way you (or most of you) want it. To be clear, there aren’t a lot of variables in a team’s system for design – it should be pretty straight forward. However, there are a few details that will really make or break the feature.

So, for the next week in our forums I’d like to have a discussion on these details. Then, at the beginning of next year I will post a draft game design document based on your input. Hopefully we can reach a consensus. As soon as the draft is approved by you we will continue development on it. We’ve already been working on a base foundation but it is flexible enough to accommodate your designs as long as they stay within the constraints which I will list below. My goal is to have teams in an open beta state by the end of January. This of course depends on the scope of the final design you all decide on.

As for reaching a consensus with a large group of designers (all of you) my hope is that we can have a good debate on any details that are not agreed on. If we really can’t reach a consensus then I will post a poll. For business or resource reasons I will have the final decision but it is my own personal goal to not interfere and to go with whatever you decide. Again, this is an experiment and if it goes horrible I will simply take back design decisions – but I really want this to work as I really need your help to make this feature exactly the way you want it as you are the competitive players that this feature is for.

So, what kind of details are we looking at? Well, for starters we need a gametype. My best guess from reading all of your posts is that you’d like team ranked arena. But, this is up for debate. Team size my best guess is 3v3, but again, that’s up to you. As for where the teams reside, my hope is that they are part of the guild system – that a team is a subset of a guild. I think if we added an abbreviated system for guild names and used it as a prefix or suffix for a team name that would be cool. Like OP-Legends. But you tell me what you want. Also need to discuss if teams are part of guilds, how does that feed into the Guild XP system? Then there’s the ranking system – are you happy with the ELO system we have for ranked arena now? Do you want to see a monthly or bi-monthly leaderboard with winners? What should the prizes be? Can two teams within the same guild play each other? Can a player be on two teams at the same time? Is there a team captain and if so what is their role? And remember, we don’t currently have the resources to create a new armor set, so it will have to re-use something we already have.

Here are the constraints:

  • We have limited resources, so be mindful of that with the design. I will be able to provide feedback if something will take more resources then we have.
  • We must use the current lobby system that groups and guilds currently use.
  • I would prefer using the guilds framework for teams as this will save resources/time. However, if you have a really good argument for having teams outside of guilds please present it.
  • We must use one of the current gametypes and we don’t have the resources to make major changes to them.

I really believe that you have great ideas for this game and that is why I’m trying to harness that into a feature. Again, this is an experiment; if it doesn’t work out I will still shoot for end of January for Teams. But my hope is that I will get it right and have a better feature with your help.