Patch 1.13 Notes – Guilds

Because Guilds is such a big feature and requires a large number of people to properly test we are adding the label “Beta” to it. Meaning that we are still testing and will fast patch any issues should they arise. To thank players during this beta period we will be awarding exclusive Forge Assassin T-shirts from our PAX booth to the top 3 contributors as well as Armor Sets for participants of Guilds that reach level 3. Details will be coming soon. We told ESL Test Cup participants and Closed Beta testers they would have exclusive first chance at creating Guilds when they go live. So, for the first couple days a VIP Player is only a player who partook in the Closed Beta.

These patch notes are intended to highlight the most significant changes but don’t cover every modification to the game as part of this update.

Key New Features

  • Guilds management system allowing you to create, join, browse, and view Guilds.
  • Guild lobby system allowing you to invite your Guild members to queue up against other Guilds
  • New Guild Capture the Relic game mode allowing 5v5 gameplay against another Guild.
  • Guild Progression system where all Guild members earn rewards including Armor Sets, XP Boosts, and Titles.
  • New VIP status for players. Players who have made a purchase or who bought Forge before it went F2P have instant VIP status.


  • A defender can now return a relic in CTR if they are dropped or thrown.
  • The Relic in CTR cannot be captured unless your relic is returned.