Patch 1.11 Notes – F2P!

These patch notes are intended to highlight the most significant changes but don’t cover every modification to the game as part of this update.

Key New Features

  • More armor sets available – Gullveigs, Bivröst, Muspelheim, and the Bardajalmor warpaint.
  • Significant improvements to content referencing and use which dramatically cut the memory usage of Forge.


  • Fixed Ravager and Tinker flag sockets being stuck out at weird angles.
  • Emissive components of Sun & Khaldriti armor sets weren’t working on the Pyromancer, Ravager, Tinker, or Warden.
  • Particle effect components added to the Khaldriti (and new Muspelheim) armor sets.
  • XP boosts now supported.
  • Fixed the Khaldriti legs on the Ravager not showing up.


  • Fixed A/S/E point spending from/to Armor using up four points rather than one.
  • Performance optimization for sorting friends to stop crash when you have more than 100 online friends.
  • Weapon textures fixed to show up in full detail in the Level Up menu.
  • Rare issue where the chat window could be highlighted when you weren’t meaning to chat fixed.

Item Store

  • Added Steam Wallet integration that supports USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, and BRL
  • Added My Inventory section to view items you’ve purchased.
  • Added support for Ultimate and Veteran pack owners who can purchase using steam wallet all cosmetic items in the store for free. If you have an Ultimate or Veteran pack it will say FREE DLC under your Ore balance in the upper right corner of the Item Store.


  • Heals now go through Stand Ground at full strength.
  • Armor points now given out in 1′s rather than 3′s, but move 15 points of armor rather than 3.


  • Shield Storm now hits in 360º around the Warden (was only hitting in front of the Warden 180º).
  • Standground no longer gives full determination immediately – now the Warden gains it from taking damage while in Stand Ground (each point of damage gives 10 points of determination).