Patch 1.05 Patch Notes

These patch notes are intended to highlight the most significant changes but may not cover every modification to the game as part of this update.

Key New Features

  • 30 new ability focuses now available via unlocks.
  • Steam leaderboards available (under Community) for damage, experience, and kills.
  • Infrastructural changes allow Forge to grow its playerbase.
  • Matchmaking favors finding a server with players that have a similar time played.
  • Tooltips re-written with improved consistency and coverage of mechanics.
  • Reset Class button added to Level Up menu for re-specing a class.


  • Added “Tutorial Complete” Steam achievement.
  • Server data in the Steam server browser should be more up-to-date.
  • Servers now add the version, region description, and if they’re in random cycle to the server name.
  • In spectator mode when following a player, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to change zoom.
  • In spectator mode when free flying, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to change your fly speed.
  • Steam avatar and name changes should appear in Forge more quickly.
  • Bind available for moving spectator camera vertically down.
  • In spectator mode when free flying, you can follow a player by clicking on them.
  • Changed the default keys for abilities to 1-8.


  • Medals have mouseover descriptions in the scoreboard.
  • Your score on the scoreboard highlighted more clearly.
  • The equipment tab in the Level Up menu now just show skins.
  • New loading screens for all maps.
  • Temporarily increased health or resource pools now display correctly on the HUD.
  • Changing your resource pool via customization points now shows up correctly on the HUD.
  • Suicide icon added for death notification.
  • Higher tier medals are notified along with kills.
  • Reset buttons added to the Settings menu.


  • Dying in the shadow realm no longer leaves you invisible.
  • All damage in the shadow realm is now spiritual damage.
  • Bots no longer look around while stunned and pinned.
  • Blocking cone now ignores Z so you can block jumping players.


  • Fixed sprint speed with Stealth focus A.
  • Shadow shift has a lowered cooldown, every attack in the shadow realm is now counted as “from Stealth”, Puncture damage reduced.
  • Shadow Leap focus A now 2/3 range, 2/3 cost (was half and half).
  • Smoke Clouds also blind enemies inside it.
  • Smoke Cloud focus A blockable.
  • Puncture cost reduced to 15 (was 20).
  • Smoke Cloud focus A cooldown increased to 12s (was 10s).


  • Explosive Trap focus A no longer stuns, but provides more knock back and more damage.
  • Volley now has a max number of hits for the same target, set at two.


  • FireStorm focus A damage now 55 (from 52.5).
  • Molten Armor focus A now does half damage, has half cost, and a 15s cooldown.
  • Wall Of Flame focus A cast time increased to 1.5s (was 1s), and length reduced.
  • Only one Wall Of Flame can now burn a player at a time.


  • Spiritual Drain now does 10 damage/s, and drains equal to damage (so reduced by armor) with 600 range.
  • Spiritual Drain focus A now does 8 damage/s, and drains equal to damage (so reduced by armor) with 900 range.
  • Seed of Healing focus A now slows by 25% (was 20%).
  • Spiritual Drain now breaks when the target goes into Camoflague or Stealth.
  • Spiritual Drain now looks red if the enemy is using it.


  • Charging Leap focus A now slows rather than stuns.
  • Vengeance cooldown now 10s (was 5s), and is sped up by incoming damage (20 damage taken = 1s less).
  • Vengeance gives 5 energy for each enemy hit
  • Buff damage per Vengeance stack of Raise Morale now 5% (was 4%).
  • Matched shockwave to the VFX better and fixed jumping over it.
  • Damage from Vengeance stack now 3% (was 4% – they can hold more stacks now).
  • Shield Storm focus A now the same as default but with less cost, damage and knockback.