New Progression

In the last dev diary I told you we were working on a New Progression system. Now that we are getting ready to release it later this month I wanted to go into some of the details.

Our current system can be a little overwhelming, especially to a new player. It has a daunting 99 levels with an average of 35,000 XP (playing about 7 games) per level. Just the number 99 seems like a big number.

So, we’re planning on making a few changes to make it more enjoyable to a new player and have the end game mechanics to keep our veteran players engaged. We will be knocking the number of levels in half to 50 levels. We will also be changing the amount of XP required to level up from 35,000 XP to 5,000 XP. This means that a player could level up once per game. We are making leveling up automatic on the character you’re currently playing. This means no more purchasing levels in the level up screen. This allows us to show level up animations and messages in-game and notify you of what you have just unlocked. We hope this will be more enticing for a new player who knows if they play one more game they will unlock more items.

We’re removing the cosmetic items from the level up process and breaking them into their slot pieces (head/chest/gloves/legs/boots). These items we’re placing into an item store. Every time you level up, you will receive Ore, our in-game currency. You will continue to receive Ore even after you reach max level of 50 on every 5,000 XP milestone. We have 4 new armor sets coming in this next patch (2 of which are exclusive to guilds).

Titles are also being removed from the level up process and instead will be awarded at specific XP milestones. Titles will be global to the player. Everyone will start with the title “Initiate.”

So, now comes the question of how do we migrate our current player base to this new system. We are doing our best to migrate you over to the new system as if you had played under the new system. It won’t be perfect, but it should be fair. We will take your lifetime experience and divide it by 5000 to get how many levels you would be at if you had been in the new progression system and then divide that by 7 (there are 7 classes in Forge). Each class will then be at this level (or level 50 if you’re maxed out). Again, I know it’s not perfect, but I hope you agree that it’s fair. For Ore, we will do the same thing. Divide your lifetime experience by 5000 and then multiply by 10 (the amount of Ore you receive at each level up milestone). Titles will also be similar. You’ll notice that besides founder’s armor (which you will keep if you have it) all of your armor/skins will be removed. However, we will keep the pricing the same so that if you have the black armor set now you will have enough Ore to re-purchase it. This way you get to purchase the items you want and save your Ore for others items.

This change will have a dramatic effect on how quickly a new player can level up. For example, in the new progression system to reach max level you will need the same amount of XP as you currently need to reach level 11. You will reach max level on all 7 characters in the new progression system before you reach level 53 on one class in the current system. After only about 2 games, a new player should have enough Ore to purchase their first Shadow Gauntlets.

Thanks to all of you in our community and to our partnerships with SuperGenius and DC for coming up with the ideas for this new progression system. Great teamwork!