Forge – Upcoming Changes

As some of you have mentioned, Forge was released with a lean feature set. We held off on allowing people to split between different servers based on gametype as we knew that though being forced to play Random could be frustrating to some, it paled in comparison to the frustration of playing on servers that seemed empty. Until the number of players grew to a level we were comfortable with, it was vital that we keep everyone playing together. There are several updates coming your way. Some of these are likely in the month of December, perhaps all should testing continue to go well.

Unlocking the Arena gameplay mode

Our first iteration of the Arena gameplay mode will be pickup randomly join friendly and will not be rated. You have one life. Once dead, you stay dead until the next round. After 10 minutes, if neither team is victorious from having defeated all players on the enemy team, a tower spawns. Winning control of this tower wins the round. The tower is put in place to avoid stealth class stalemates. Conflict is required if you hope to win.

This mode will be available as an option you can select alongside Random.

Introduction of Steam Stats and Steam Skill Rating

You can read more about our stats system and upcoming skill rating here:

Our servers listed on the Steam Server browser

Our servers will be listed in the server browse found in the Steam Client under View->Servers. Select Forge in the game filter drop down when this feature is enabled and you can select the server of your choice and take advantage of all other Steam server browser functionality. We opted to move forward with this method as it provides a well tested and stable server browser with lots of useful functionality inside an environment you’re already familiar with.

Skins! This includes, the Founder skin reward for all 5 starter classes and the level 99 skin for all 5 starter classes

It’s important to point out that what will be used for the level 99 skin today will not be the level 99 skin forever. As we are able to add skins, we will constantly add them to the top of the level list, pushing the older skins down until the one provided for level 99 becomes the first skin you unlock. This provides something to work towards at the highest levels, without ruining the surprise of what level 99 will look like in the end. I’ve taken screenshots of several skins. Note that with lighting and VFX, it’s hard to capture a single shot that shows off the change. The general rule is: Level 99 are black themed, and founder skins are snow themed.

Assassin Founder:
Assassin Founder

Pathfinder Founder:
Pathfinder Founder

Shaman Level 99:
Shaman Level 99

A new map, Den of Fenric

The skin screenshots were taken at a location on this map. It will get its own update soon!

The ability to select between the first two sets of ability focus options that you’ve unlocked

We will start by releasing two sets of ability focus options, the first two sets you unlock while leveling, for you to try. This means every class will now have 3 options per ability slot if you’ve reached the required level to unlock them. We’ll provide a special update on each of those soon.

Small tweaks to gameplay balance

Shamans are getting a slight nerf to healing via a resource cost increase to Blessed Aura. Wardens are getting a slight nerf to Protect Allies amount of protection offered, a very slight increase to the maintenance cost of both Protect Allies and Raise Morale, and a slight buff to the damage increase per Vengeance.

As you can see, our time spent since the release has not been wasted or in leisure! We care greatly for this game and have the deepest respect for those of you that have decided to spend money that you’ve earned to play it with us. We strive, we have since the very beginning, to make good on our end of that agreement by doing our best to ensure that the money you spend rewards you with tremendous value. We felt strongly that the game we released was worthy of the purchase price, but that we could continue to provide even more as time progressed to further increase that value until the question could barely be raised.

These first three days have been amazing. Outside of Far Cry 3, which released just a few minutes after we released, we were able to surpass all other titles on Steam on the Top Sellers list for two days, and have reached the top 5 every day since. Those of you that purchased are not alone. Our player numbers grow every day and new faces are flooding in. We hope to have many of these features mentioned above in your hands very soon. If you ask those that have been around with us since the days of Alpha, they will tell you that we do not sit idly. Updates are frequent. Updates can be extensive. We want this to be the best game it can possibly be as quickly as it can can be and wake up with that goal in mind every single day.

See you in the game!