A Development Update

It has been some time since we’ve been able to really sit down and write something to let all of you know what we’re doing, where Forge is heading and how long it will take to get there. That isn’t because we haven’t been hard at work, we have. We also haven’t forgotten about the most important aspect of Forge’s success, you.

One of the very important tasks we had in front of us after releasing the game was to get confirmation from all of you on where Forge should go next. What should we focus on. Where should we devote our time and energy to make the game the best game it could be in your eyes. We believed we knew, but you are the most important judge when it comes to whether or not we’re doing the right thing.

It takes a little time to gather that information. We had to get it right. We think you’ll be thrilled to hear what’s coming.

We know that the number of people playing Forge day to day has diminished sharply. This is caused by a multitude of issues, but none are as responsible as the difficulty new players have getting into the game and the general level of

polish of the game that’s there. There are core features we know are missing and we must do a much better job introducing new players to Forge.

We believe strongly that we have a fantastic gameplay core. We just need to surround that with the right pieces and the game will begin to achieve it’s potential.

To that end, we’re doing the following in the next four patches:

• A new “New Player” experience
o    Overhauled Tutorial
o    Starter Zone where players can fight against bots to become familiar with Forge combat before being forced into competition with one another
o    Greatly improved messaging and UI when it comes to informing players what an ability is supposed to do when activated
• Missing Core features added
o    Server Browser
o    Lobbies with full pre made group support
o    Skill based matchmaking
o    Ladders
• Progression finished, yet greatly improved at the same time
o    Ability focuses added
o    New Skin system, no longer do you have to update your entire character model at the same time. You can swap out chest pieces, leg armor, gauntlets, boots and helmets separately.
o    Two sets of armor per character, actual sets with different models as a base, with additional sets provided through texture changes while we work on finishing up all the different model options
o    Free, unlimited respecs.
• Den of Fenric Map

While these are the primary focus for the next four patches, we are also hoping to finish both the Ravager and Tinker classes in the process, while greatly improving performance overall as well as for specific maps.

These patches will arrive frequently between now and the end of April, including one in the next several days. We hope you’re excited by the direction we’re taking and look forward to seeing all of you in Forge.