1.03 Update Live

This list of changes is not comprehensive, but seeks to capture the most important elements of the update. You will need to enter and exit the tutorial, as well as resetting your settings as a result of this update once more, but this won’t happen again – these are all now saved using Steam Cloud.



  • White founders skin and black level-99 skin are now available, selectable in the Level Up menu.
  • Users with special characters in their names now able to get queues (Join Player may still have issues though).
  • Many tweaks to the default configuration to be higher performance and better for first-time users.
  • Removed many default UE binds that caused weird rare issues and bugs (eg: the walking when holding sprint bug).
  • Various fixes for hard crashes.
  • Steam voice now only heard by your teammates (except during end-round, where it’s global).
  • Steam voice won’t activate in Single-Player (stops ‘volume down’ in menu).


  • Graphics option for ‘Distortion’ removed as it had an adverse effect on gameplay (made stealth Assassins invisible).
  • Graphics options for Particle Distortion, Ambient Occlusion (now off by default) and Lens Flares added.
  • Copy/cut/paste will work on the Join Player box after searching.
  • Damage types added to tooltips, along with damage for Curse of Flame and Spiritual Fervor.
  • Steam stats integration to track kills, deaths, assists and many other stats. Many of these are available in the Level Up menu.
  • Steam cloud integration – everything in the settings menu is now saved to Steam Cloud. This means your settings will follow your Steam account, and future Forge update won’t nuke your settings.
  • Whether or not you’ve done the tutorial is saved to Steam Cloud.
  • Hover descriptions added to some of the more complex settings.
  • Game mode name appears at the top of the scoreboard.
  • Nameplates now hide after 3 seconds when out of Line-Of-Sight (down from 5)
  • Fix for players occasionally not having a nameplate.
  • Beta version of colorblind mode added – feedback wanted!



  • Defender medals made a lot easier to get.
  • Fixed Curse of Flame being stopped by Smoke Cloud.
  • Fix in the camera to stop targeting pawns behind yourself.
  • Auto-balance no longer counts as a death against you.
  • Auto-balance won’t stop you from earning survivor medals – your life starts from how long you’d been alive on your previous spawn when you get swapped.
  • Targetting made tighter, with less aim-assist.
  • Can no long target pawns more then 10m away when blind.
  • Can no longer be camo swapped while in spawn protection.
  • Spawn protection no long ends if you attack and duration changed from 5s to 6s.
  • Wall jumping now works with movement keys even if you don’t have momentum.
  • Added a cap to the amount for damage you can take with blocking (50).
  • Fix to melee damage sometimes getting nerfed by aim assist.
  • NamePlates and the ability to target people are now tied together (if you can see the nameplate you can target them)


  • Warmup in all game modes changed from 30s to 20s.
  • Arena match length changed from 15 mins to 10 mins, tower spawn time changed from 10 mins to 6 mins, rounds per map changed from 2 to 3.
  • TDM kill limited changed from 50 to 25.
  • Added spawning in waves to TDM (30 second waves).
  • Rounds per map for most game modes set to 1.
  • Changed around medals for Arena to make kills and assists medals more achievable and the rest unachievable.
  • Changed the scoring for Arena to give a lot more points for kills and a little more for assists.



  • Pantera’s Kiss now also does 100 damage on hit.
  • Fix to Puncture so the stack count won’t go too high.
  • Projectiles no longer follow shadowshifted players.
  • Volley no longer spawns arrows for shadowshifted players.


  • Camouflage now only has a 10 sec cooldown if you don’t swap (breaking on movement).
  • Added 80 nature damage to blinding arrow and pin foot.


  • Added 1/2 second cast time to Molten Armor.


  • Blessed Aura no longer heals yourself.
  • Spiritual Bond is now free.
  • Spiritual Bond now heals the bonded member that isn’t full health (50/50 if both are injured).
  • Max heals per second changed from 300/s to 230/s.


  • Removed pin from charging leap, and changed the 1 sec stun to a 2 sec 80% slow.
  • Activating Protect Allies and Raise Morale no longer tiggers GCD (does put them on a 1sec CD).
  • Raise Morale and Protect Allies no longer stack with themselves.
  • Shield Storm pulse timer change from 0.2s to 0.4s (damage changed from 25 to 50 so overall damage is the same).
  • Stand Ground cooldown changed from 10s to 15s.
  • Determination cap changed from 100 to 80.


  • Ymil’s Throne (Arena only) – a new Arena-specific version of Ymil’s Throne, with a wider bridge.
  • Hall’Vak Arena (Arena only) – shifted to day-time.