1.02 Update Live

This list of changes is not comprehensive, but seeks to capture the most important elements of the update. You will need to enter and exit the tutorial as a result of this update once more, this requirement for each pass will go away soon, but not with 1.02.



Small corrections to credits

  • Improved contrast on tuturial tips and other game messages
  • Improved contrast for some UI elements (tabs and sub tabs especially)
  • Improved support for international characters with in game font
  • Scoreboard ranks now have rank indicators (1 becomes 1st for example)
  • Rare crash with scoreboards fixed
  • When playing on a team, you cannot spectate players of the other team outside of the “kill cam”, the default player that is shown when you are killed
  • Some performance improvements



  • Order of abilities slightly adjusted for consistency across classes. We’ll provide a method to move them where you like them soon, but for now, it may require a little adjustment via keybinds for your class to play exactly as it has up to now due to the movement of abilities on the hotbar. Now however, all players for all classes will have a more consistent experience with the default global keybinds.
  • Server size reduced from 8v8 to 6v6 for all servers and gameplay modes
  • Several other minor bugs addressed


  • Arenas are now live, in “public” mode where you can join mid match under spectator restrictions
  • Arenas can be selected as an alternate to the Random queue option
  • Arenas do not surface in Random queue mode, as they are intended for more advanced players
  • Arenas:
  •     You have 1 life
  •     You may select your class only at the start of the match
  •     After 10 minutes, a tower spawns. Winning control of that tower for your team wins the round
  •     Arenas only work with two maps, the Hall’Vak Arena (the arena the tutorial is located within), and a special version of Ymil’s Throne modified specifically for Arena play



Blessed Aura energy cost increased from 20 mana per second to 25 mana per second

  • Raise Morale energy upkeep increased to 6 energy per second from 5 energy per second
  • Protect Allies energy upkeep increased to 6 energy per second from 5 energy per second
  • Protect Allies protection decreased to 35% from 40%
  • Raise Morale damage increased to 4% per stack of vengeance from 3% per stack of vengeance
  • Vengeance damage increase decreased from 5% per stack to 4% per stack


Hall’Vak Arena

Map introduced for Arena mode

You can discuss these and other changes at http://www.playforgewar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2336-102-update-now-live/.