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#45397 Training Mode "comp Stomp"

Posted by BloodSiege on 14 May 2013 - 07:57 AM

The training session you can select from the steam server can be renamed and the ai sayings redone to fit the lore better.

The name could be something like "Gods Testaments" and as each player comes in and the ai gets spawwned in they can say "I serve my dark lord The Devourer"

As the kill they could say something to the effect of "Have I pleased you with my work master?"

As they die "No, Please master give me a second chance I will not fail you this time."

This game mode which is already in effect with some simple tweaks can make what little lore you have come to life.
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#35348 1.03 Patch Notes - Current Version

Posted by Sojourner on 15 January 2013 - 12:45 PM

This list of changes is not comprehensive, but seeks to capture the most important elements of the update. You will need to enter and exit the tutorial, as well as resetting your settings as a result of this update once more, but this won't happen again - these are all now saved using Steam Cloud.

  • White founders skin and black level-99 skin are now available, selectable in the Level Up menu.
  • Users with special characters in their names now able to get queues (Join Player may still have issues though).
  • Many tweaks to the default configuration to be higher performance and better for first-time users.
  • Removed many default UE binds that caused weird rare issues and bugs
    (eg: the walking when holding sprint bug).
  • Various fixes for hard crashes.
  • Steam voice now only heard by your teammates (except during end-round, where it's global).
  • Steam voice won't activate in Single-Player (stops 'volume down' in menu).

  • Graphics option for 'Distortion' removed as it had an adverse effect on gameplay (made stealth Assassins invisible).
  • Graphics options for Particle Distortion, Ambient Occlusion (now off by default) and Lens Flares added.
  • Copy/cut/paste will work on the Join Player box after searching.
  • Damage types added to tooltips, along with damage for Curse of Flame and Spiritual Fervor.
  • Steam stats integration to track kills, deaths, assists and many other stats. Many of these are available in the Level Up menu.
  • Steam cloud integration - everything in the settings menu is now saved to Steam Cloud. This means your settings will follow your Steam account, and future Forge update won't nuke your settings.
  • Whether or not you've done the tutorial is saved to Steam Cloud.
  • Hover descriptions added to some of the more complex settings.
  • Game mode name appears at the top of the scoreboard.
  • Nameplates now hide after 3 seconds when out of Line-Of-Sight (down from 5)
  • Fix for players occasionally not having a nameplate.
  • Beta version of colorblind mode added - feedback wanted!

General Gameplay
  • Defender medals made a lot easier to get.
  • Fixed Curse of Flame being stopped by Smoke Cloud.
  • Fix in the camera to stop targeting pawns behind yourself.
  • Auto-balance no longer counts as a death against you.
  • Auto-balance won't stop you from earning survivor medals - your life starts from how long you'd been alive on your previous spawn when you get swapped.
  • Targetting made tighter, with less aim-assist.
  • Can no long target pawns more then 10m away when blind.
  • Can no longer be camo swapped while in spawn protection.
  • Spawn protection no long ends if you attack and duration changed from 5s to 6s.
  • Wall jumping now works with movement keys even if you don't have momentum.
  • Added a cap to the amount for damage you can take with blocking (50).
  • Fix to melee damage sometimes getting nerfed by aim assist.
  • NamePlates and the ability to target people are now tied together (if you can see the nameplate you can target them)

Game Modes
  • Warmup in all game modes changed from 30s to 20s.
  • Arena match length changed from 15 mins to 10 mins, tower spawn time changed from 10 mins to 6 mins, rounds per map changed from 2 to 3.
  • TDM kill limited changed from 50 to 25.
  • Added spawning in waves to TDM (30 second waves).
  • Rounds per map for most game modes set to 1.
  • Changed around medals for Arena to make kills and assists medals more achievable and the rest unachievable.
  • Changed the scoring for Arena to give a lot more points for kills and a little more for assists.

  • Pantera's Kiss now also does 100 damage on hit.
  • Fix to Puncture so the stack count won't go too high.
  • Projectiles no longer follow shadowshifted players.
  • Volley no longer spawns arrows for shadowshifted players.

  • Camouflage now only has a 10 sec cooldown if you don't swap (breaking on movement).
  • Added 80 nature damage to blinding arrow and pin foot.

  • Added 1/2 second cast time to Molten Armor.

  • Blessed Aura no longer heals yourself.
  • Spiritual Bond is now free.
  • Spiritual Bond now heals the bonded member that isn't full health
    (50/50 if both are injured).
  • Max heals per second changed from 300/s to 230/s.

  • Removed pin from charging leap, and changed the 1 sec stun to a 2 sec 80% slow.
  • Activating Protect Allies and Raise Morale no longer tiggers GCD (does put them on a 1sec CD).
  • Raise Morale and Protect Allies no longer stack with themselves.
  • Shield Storm pulse timer change from 0.2s to 0.4s (damage changed from 25 to 50 so overall damage is the same).
  • Stand Ground cooldown changed from 10s to 15s.
  • Determination cap changed from 100 to 80.

  • Ymil's Throne (Arena only) - a new Arena-specific version of Ymil's Throne, with a wider bridge.
  • Hall'Vak Arena (Arena only) - shifted to day-time.

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#42297 Future Of Forge - Current Design Goals/what Is Missing! Something For The...

Posted by Vihs on 10 April 2013 - 02:03 PM

This is going to be quite a lengthy post and I would appreciate detailed feedback so the Developers can see how the community feels.I wanted to stress the significance on a major aspect of the game that I feel is missing. I don't know exactly what ranks highest on the list for DVG to work on but I believe some things need to have a higher if not the highest priority right now.

Content vs Goals: (e.g. leaderboards/matchmaking/team balance/ranking/titles/flairs/cosmetics)

As much as I like new content such as a new class/map I don't believe this is what is of the most importance right now. I am currently very very worried about the relaunch that is planned. The reason why is because nothing has really changed. Yeah a new class is coming out, new map, armor set, that is cool but people will play for a week at most and then quit because the only thing implemented is playing for pure enjoyment. It seems like DVG wants Forge to be more of a casual pvp game, sort of like TF2, but the games very nature is that of a hardcore pvp game. No systems are in place to support this aspect of the game.

I believe the biggest flaw of Forge is not having a Ranking que/system. There really is nothing to earn, no real competition, no way to see improvement or something to get you involved in the community like teams/guilds. Most of the people that decided to buy this game and played the game are big PvP'ers from games like WoW, Guild Wars, League of Legends, Dota. Analyzing why so many people play these games is important. I believe the community is so small on Forge and people quit the game to go back to these games because they offer a competitive level that Forge does not have.
Each of these games has a Ranking System and give players different goals to strive towards and try to attain by increasing in rank.

Lets look at wow.
Posted Image
People go absolutely crazy over little things like titles. Currently you just earn a title for leveling up..... No one cares about it because it does not mean anything you did not earn anything because all you did was play. The title is not important and there is no importance of getting a title.

In wow arena/battleground you make a team and play and try to win to earn these types of things. The top .5 percent of teams earn the Gladiator title. The top 3 percent earn the duelist title etc etc. When you get to a certain rating the color of your armor changes so that you can look different for being a good player. This creates competition and people will seek to earn these things and form teams/guilds.

Lets take a look at League of Legends

Posted Image

This is all that LoL offers and people go absolutely nuts over this. The biggest game right now just displays different tiers to try and achieve. This allows people to know that they are actually improving at the game and can try to better themselves by listening/watching/asking questions from the higher tiered players. It's not that much it just shows other players where you stand compared to them and its nice and shiny. People love shiny things! People strive for bragging rights and personal improvement.

Ranking/Matchmaking/Cosmetics/Titles all need to be on the top of the list for implementing and working on. The game does not have a staying factor because of a lack of this. The leaderboards that are in place now are all bugged and does not represent anything. Leaderboards of that nature should be monthly and are more about oh I did that much cool. Having monthly leaderboards will not demoralize new players seeing never reachable stats. A new player can look where they are for the month and then see how they stand next month to ascertain whether they are improving or not.

People want to be the best at something it is human nature we are competitive. In Forge there is nothing to strive to achieve so people quit because it is just playing you do not get rewarded for being good. People that just want to play a game casually play single player games with a story and that is fun and the reward of that is a story line and exploration usually.

I try to tell my friends about this game and they ask me questions about what arena is like, Is it competitive, do you have cool armor. I can't really tell them about the game because it just sounds unsatisfying.

Me: yeah there are arenas but its just for fun
Friend: Oh what is your highest rank are you good?
Me: Im good but no ranking systems... but I'm good
Me: I won a weekend tournament
Friend: what did you get?
Me: oh it was for fun
Me: I have like 99 titles though
Friend: Awesome man how you get those?
Me: I played a lot
Me: They did quite a few contests that were pretty cool!
Friend: Nice you win?
Me: Yeah I got a 300 dollar headset and a t shirt!!!!!
Friend: Awesome how is the headset? What did the T-shirt look like?
Me: Oh I have not recieved them yet but it's been 3 months should be soon.
Friend: Come play ( Other Game ) man

I can't really relay how awesome this game is or could be there is so much potential that this style of game bring and I have invested so many hours into it and played so much because well these things will be implemented soon. I just want to stress how important it should be over everything else. There was a sale and about 600 people playing but next week everyone quit. Yes classes/maps made the game seem dull a bit and that content does need to come out but if you release that content without the staying factor people will just quit. I am so worried about this big relaunch that is planned because I think it will just turn out to be: new class cool, new map cool, people play it then quit seeing not much else has changed.

If you implemented a ranking system with rewards people would have something challenging them, something to work towards. As an example if I was in a game and lets say I was playing a Pathfinder and I had the same exact modeled bow that everyone has but mine was black or glowing. People would be asking how did you get that? That looks awesome! To where I could respond I won arena season 1 or something of that nature. * Bam * people figure out you can look awesome by winning different seasons in ranked. People stick around form teams/guilds they research the game tell friends about it and sign up for season 2 so that they can win something and look awesome. You just intrigued them and they are going to stick with the game. Solo player progression is an important thing to mention as well. LoL has this solo player experience to get them started in a competitive scene through the solo/duo que in ranked. This is important because it gets them started in the right direction and when they feel that they have improved they can form a team for other titles/rewards/ whatever it may be that is implemented.

There are a lot of tweaks that need to be made such as in game server browser and some polishing but right now I feel that everything I mentioned above should be the main issue to address.This post is quite lengthy and I probably missed some points I really wanted to touch base on, but I wanted to get this out there because this is a major concern and I don't want the game to die. I want to bring this to the Developers attention so that they can assess this issue and bump it up on the To Do List.

I am not saying that what the Dev's have done so far has not been great additions to the game or were not important. Everything that is under development is important. I am just trying to stress and bump the priority of this particular aspect of the game that is missing.

I hope this gets a lot of feedback from the community. Please like and give a detailed response if you feel the same way. Also don't stray off subject by posting suggestions/ideas for other topics of the game. I feel that this is the most important thing that needs to be incorporated in the game and would like posters to improve upon my post if need be.
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#45323 Party Time?

Posted by bryx on 12 May 2013 - 11:10 AM




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#40826 Forge Rap

Posted by Django on 12 March 2013 - 08:55 AM

'Cause I'm Djangooo (Djangooo).

Stealth so hard all the finders wanna find me
First Jroc's gotta find me
What's 50k heals to a 'sassin like me, could you please remind me?
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#51049 Foxx's Guide To Not Sucking

Posted by Foxx on 21 August 2013 - 04:18 PM

A Preview:

This is the first time I've ever written a guide so I'm gonna give it my best shot and mainly address this to new players. What frustrates me about almost 90% of guides is that they always focus on the concrete instead of the abstract. For example, I've read so many guides on Dota, LoL, HoN champs, or even WoW arena comps that focus on what items to buy, what skills to level, what route to jungle, etc that the actual intricacies of a character or composition are glossed over. This isn't going to be a guide on how to spec your a/s/e points or pick your ability focuses, but a guide on how to improve your actual gameplay and hopefully think critically.


Forge combines RPG and FPS elements to create a very high skill cap, team oriented game. Naturally, if you want to improve at Forge then you need to have a strong grasp on the important aspects of each of these genres. Someone coming from CoD or CSS will probably struggle with the RPG side of forge and likewise a WoW player will probably not have the greatest aim. Here I outlined the three most essential components of Forge according to me.

Aiming in Forge:

Aiming is critical in Forge as it is both your source of damage (or healing) and your sustainability. To newer players it may not seem like a big deal to miss a few M1s but these add up. Higher level gameplay and arenas require shamans to consistently land M1s as well as for other classes to have sufficient energy to use their escape, opener, other combos, etc. If you're not landing M1s your wasting GCDs and you aren't contributing anything to your team. So...

How to improve- I consider aiming to be a combination of both muscle memory and reflexes and you should work on both. You could play other FPS games or training mods, but I think the best way to improve is this website: http://aim400kg.ru/en/

This website is great and will help you improve at any FPS game. Also, aiming is probably the easiest and most difficult thing to improve...

A few tips for Aiming:
  • Lock on Spells can be cast from behind line of sight, making it easier to focus on aiming if you're having trouble
  • When a spell is successfully "locked on", the cursor will flash red in the first .3-.4 seconds of the cast.
  • If a spell fails to lock, don't waste time, cancel it and recast or decide accordingly
  • Seriously, use that website. Do aim training and reflex training
  • Maximize your fps, turn off v. sync and mouse acceleration, and find a comfortable sensitivity
Positioning in Forge:

A mix between FPS and RPG elements, this area of forge requires you to be constantly analyzing your enemies position as well as your own. This will probably be the easiest for experienced WoW arena players and Dota/MOBA players. Obviously the best positioning would be one where its easy for you to hit them and difficult for them to hit you. This component is primarily for the ranged characters but is still extremely important for the melee classes.

How to improve: Really, you just need to be diligent and constantly thinking about your position and evaluating it. Good positioning will always change throughout the game. Ask yourself simple questions like Who can I see and who can see me? Am I behind line of sight or close to line of sight? Am I close to a wall to wall jump away if I need to? Where's the nearest health totem or shaman and can he see me? The next stage of these questions is applying them to your own team or the enemy team. With time comes experience, these should become second nature at some point but communication never hurts either.

A few tips for Position:
  • Maps are tiered for a reason, take advantage of high ground
  • Abuse line of sight if you have to or are under pressure
  • Probably the most important: Out of sight, out of mind. So many people, even the majority of vets fall for this
  • And the reverse of the above tip: If you cant do something about your positioning or an enemies positioning, ask someone on your team to help you. For example, Jroc and Eradicate love to snipe as pyro and go unnoticed throughout entire arena matches. Tell someone where they are and to do something about it.
  • Learn to "push" and "fall back" with your team.
  • Spend time learning wall jumps or getting to difficult positions
Mechanics and Tactics of Forge:

The real substance and theory of the game. Basically my lazy way of saying "l2p". A good understanding of these WILL make you good at this game and will even help get better at the other two "essential" components. For example, utilizing block can forgive bad positioning and understanding GCD means blocking attacks at close range no longer requires uber reflexes but a simple rhythm

How to improve: Keep playing forge. Even if vets are stacking against you each round, keep playing. Watch what they do or even ask them to help you. A lot of vets are willing to help new players. They want this game to succeed just as much as everyone else. Read about the spells of a class. If a ravager keeps killing you over and over again, play ravager for a day. This is some pretty obvious stuff but some people still refuse to do it or are lazy. Make some friends, get on skype or raidcall, and play combos together then switch roles to learn strategies and really perfect something.

Some tips on mechanics:
  • Learn to block and the "big" spells to block
  • Don't waste energy, be efficient
  • Related to above, DON'T BUNNY HOP. Its a bad habit and any player with decent aim will still hit you. This doesn't mean you cant jump when necessary to hit a target (mainly on Pathfiner)
  • Don't hold down block, try to time blocks perfectly in 1v1 situations
  • Use walls, ledges, and corners to your advantage either for blocking or walljumping
  • Play nearly all of the classes. Don't hurt yourself by only learning one class
Tieing it All Together:

So within this wall of text, I tried to explain how to become a better forge player, whether its thinking about your positioning, using mechanics and tactics to your advantage, or just practicing aiming and reflexes. There's one last piece of advice I think would apply to any player to help you improve. Every good RTS player, chess grandmaster, professional sports team, brilliant tactician, etc have this attribute in common. If they lose, they analyze why and what they could do better. If they win, they analyze why and what they could do better. Forge is no different. Did you lose an arena match because you didn't have energy due to poor aim, or did you lose because you wasted all your energy blocking due to poor positioning? Take some time between deaths/rounds/whatever to decide what caused you win or lose and how you could do better, specifically in the areas I outlined. This is really where thinking critically becomes important and helps you improve. Your aim will always fluctuate from day to day, its unavoidable, but being able to identify and understand why you lost or won is invaluable.

So that's about it. Forge has a steep learning curve but its worth it. Good luck, don't get frustrated, and ask for help if you need it.

-bD Foxxy
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#41971 April's Upcoming Changes

Posted by Sojourner on 03 April 2013 - 07:04 AM

We've mentioned some of these items in the past, most in fact, but not quite all and not in detail. This month marks the end of a major development effort on our part and the beginning of another. Since the game launched in December, we've been crunching hard to bring the game up to the standards we held for it "at release". While we've always believed, and still believe, that we have delivered a game that is a great deal of fun to play and has something unique at its core, we knew as much as all of you knew that we had real work to do to bring it up to all of our standards for quality. This month, you'll see several significant changes to Forge.

One of the most obvious changes we'll be making to the game is the introduction of piece-by-piece customizable armor and a brand new armor set. We're calling this set the "Divine" set. While we're waiting until a little later this month to publish screenshots of these sets, suffice it to say they are far more than just a texture swap and are simply amazing. While the progression system will remain the same in regards to armor, in that you unlock an entire set at a time as you level, this feature provides us the option to introduce individual pieces in the future.

The Ravager makes an appearance this month as our first free DLC. You won't be charged anything to play the new class. The Ravager fulfills our goal of having a highly mobile, damage focused melee class that is intended to stick in the midst of battle. While every class has a new challenge, every class will also benefit from having this role filled as it will put less pressure on our other melee classes to try and fill it when they're not suited to that playstyle.

For new users, we'll also be releasing the completely overhauled tutorial. It is a much more guided experience that provides better instruction on how to play as well as placing the player in context of why they're fighting in the first place. We're confident this will have a tremendous positive impact on retaining new players and is worth a look even if you're a veteran.

We're overhauling the user interface, especially the menu system, to make it more organized and have less of that "Fresh from the Indie Shelf" feeling. Each class will get another set of Focus ability options to choose from. Several key visual effects have been slightly reworked to improve visibility and ensure that the team/enemy options for each are clearly visible. We're making some improvements to the spectator system.

In all, this will be our most significant update to the game to date and marks the beginning of a new period for us. These changes are planned to be split between two updates. We'll keep everyone posted as we near the patch dates for each!
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#21728 Forge Tricks Ep. 1: Ymil's Throne

Posted by Pilluminati on 07 November 2012 - 12:27 PM

Starting a little youtube series on map tricks. There are many tricks here that you probably haven't seen before.
Some are useful, some are less useful. Hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome, both positive and negative.
If you have a trick you want me to include in future videos, feel free to show me.

Also big thanks to all the "likers" and subscribers!
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#39318 Worlds First Lvl 495!

Posted by Eradicate on 24 February 2013 - 05:08 PM

First to all lvl 99s!!!

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#26166 Alterac Valley/dota/lol Style Maps

Posted by Murraytheskull on 11 December 2012 - 08:28 AM

A lot of people have compared the game's gameplay to a fast-paced warsong gulch style game. As an ex-wow player, I personally found that to be the worst of the pvp areas. :mrgreen:

What i think would make for a great addition to a game like forge is the possibility of making a variation on the DOTA formula as an objective mode.

What I have in mind is the following:

- In short for the people who don't know DOTA/LOL/AV ( what rock have you been under?): DOTA or LOL ( League of legends ) features competitive combat between heroes and npc minions. The objective is to destroy an enemy base/nexus/whatever you want to call it. Along the way you have to destroy some pretty powerful towers to get to the base. For some people this will remind them of the alterac valley map in WOW, where the objective is to kill the enemy general .

- For Forge: So after TDM and CTF ( relic = flag? :P ), a more objective oriented game mode could make for a good addition to the class based team oriented combat. A single objective that HAS to be destroyed, towers ( that actively bar the way or attack ) CAn be destroyed to make a path. In this sense, (partially) destructive environments would be great. Wardens bashing down gates or pyromancers burning them to ash, etc... Multiple possible pathways ( cfr DOTA or any decent FPS map ) give plenty of potential for mayhe all over the place with shifting attack/defense positions.
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#40159 Post You Ugly Face° :d

Posted by Fury on 03 March 2013 - 02:41 PM

I found a pic from when I was Eradicate's age

Posted Image
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#37708 Post You Ugly Face° :d

Posted by brimine on 02 February 2013 - 10:04 AM

Hey guys since I'm adicted to Forge I would like to have a face to think about when I play with you :D So I decided to create this post...

RULEzzZ°°°° :

Tits or GTFO :P
No matter how ugly you are just post it we'll still love you anyways :DDDDD
No trolling others
No CATS :3

And remember it's just for fun so dont take it too serious ^^
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#36846 Pvp Music

Posted by Hasty on 24 January 2013 - 05:12 AM

inb4 White Van WoooT comes policing in his forum police van ^_^

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#34959 Menu Suggestions

Posted by Crop on 12 January 2013 - 11:16 AM

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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#28241 Pvp Music

Posted by Hasty on 15 December 2012 - 03:51 PM


Id like people to suggest to me ( and everyone else ) some awesome pvp music :P Right now Im listening to Celldweller and Blue Stalhli, but do you know any artist alike of them ? Id like to know much:)

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#22921 A Thank You From Forge Development

Posted by Sojourner on 03 December 2012 - 12:21 PM

Some of you have been with us from the very first day we announced the game to the public. For those registering and participating here at that time, Forge was something that had to be imagined and your confidence in us or the game, no matter how strong or weak that confidence may have been, was a credit to you and your desire to see a game like Forge take shape. Even more, it was a credit to your desire for a game like this to be great.

You told your friends. You checked back in for weeks on end before we had so much as posted a screenshot. You watched every video and scoured the internet for any mention of Forge. While we've done our best to stay connected with you, to communicate openly, candidly and frequently about the game and where it is headed, we could never do enough to say thank you for that early support. We will forever owe you a debt of gratitude and will continue to try to live up to the expectations you have (and we share them!) for the game and its future.

The game is not finished, it's only barely getting started. We hope that by looking at where we were when we first announced the game, what we said we would deliver and then comparing against what Forge is today, it will give each of you all that you need to continue to have that faith and confidence in us and where Forge is headed in the future. Arena and Labyrinth gameplay modes, the Ravager class, the Tinker class, more maps and factions, additional features built around both the more laid back and competitive players, all of these are coming, and some coming quite soon. Forge is not perfect, but we believe it is great and will only get better with each update. We hope that you feel the same.

From all of us behind Forge and its development, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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#22514 How To Link Your Forge Account To Your Steam Account

Posted by Remztan on 27 November 2012 - 04:07 PM

In order to receive any bonus items that come with your product you will need to link your Forge account with your Steam account. Examples include titles for being in beta or for pre-ordering. Below is how to link your forum account to your steam account so you can use items in-game.

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#18766 The Pathfinder: Basic Info And Tips

Posted by Yormaika on 21 September 2012 - 03:15 PM

The Pathfinder
(For an introduction to general mechanics and game info click here first)

Pathfinders are sentinels of the forest. Theyíve mastered the bow and laying of traps, and use both to keep their enemies from ever getting close. Their deadly accuracy and knowledge of nature allows them to use arrows to control the flow of battle. Pathfinders wear medium armor, but are light on their feet. The best defense a Pathfinder has is their ability to keep the enemy at a distance through the clever use of traps and specialized shots.

Long ago, some within the Vaklndr rebelled against the idea of living inside of cities made of brick and stone. They believed this separated them from nature, and thus from the gods themselves. So they set off to live in the forests, mountains and plains. Through the centuries, they became known as elite guides throughout the otherwise unknown wilds, and so became known as Pathfinders.


[Note: Ability Focuses are available upon leveling up your Pathfinder, accessible in the 'Level Up' section of the menu. They replace the default ability]

Posted Image
Bow Shot
Fires a single arrow at their opponent. 15 energy GAINED for a successful shot, used to do damage and regenerate energy faster.

Posted Image
Poisoned Arrow
The Pathfinder poisons the tip of their arrow before releasing, causing the enemy to continue to take injury even after the arrow strikes. The target will also take increased damage if they move while affected. Duration: 5 seconds. Cost: 20 energy.
150dmg (20x5 + max movement penalty 10x5)
  • This ability does Damage over Time (20 damage per second for 5 seconds) and you can apply multiple stacks. It also has a second effect in which the target will take additional damage if they move while poisoned. Not accounting for armor, the movement damage bonus is maximum 10 per second for 5 seconds.
  • It is extremely powerful with just a few stacks applied, dropping a targets Health very quickly. Just remember that the more your target moves while poisoned, the more damage they will take - so force them to either retreat or chase you.
Posted Image
Releases several arrows at once, hitting multiple enemies within an area in an instant. Cost: 20 energy.
80dmg (per target)

-- Focus A: Has a wider attack area at the expense of lessened damage. (60dmg per target)
-- Focus B: Fires Multiple arrows without requiring an enemy target. A hit on an enemy deals damage. (80dmg per target)
  • This is your most powerful ability in team fights. Due to having no cooldown and a medium energy cost, it will make quick work of enemy groups that are sticking together.
  • If you suspect that there is an assassin close to your target, Volley will hit them along with your target and remove them from stealth (or in the case of FocusB, you don't even need a target!)
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Blinding Shot
Fires an arrow towards an enemy that blinds them on contact for a short period of time, and does moderate damage. Cost: 20 energy, 20sec Cooldown.

-- Focus A: Fires an arrow at the target that blinds for a duration based on the distance to target. (80dmg)
-- Focus B: Fires an arrow at the target enemy. A hit blinds and deals (reduced) damage to the target enemy and all nearby enemies. (40dmg)
  • Makes the recipient see a ~95% black screen (UI still visible) for 5 seconds. All classes still have full control of their character despite being blinded and can run, attack, block etc. Blinded enemies cannot target people that are further than 10m away.
  • Assassins have a unique passive 'ability' while blinded. They can still see outlines of things close to them, working in the sense of a short-range sonar. DO NOT use it on an assassin in melee range. The bonus passive means they can still see you well enough to continue their assault.
  • In fact, most classes will still get lucky shots in while blinded because they can still point in your general direction and attack. This is why the ability is best used at medium/long range. The fact that blinded enemies cannot target people over 10m away means no more luck shots when used at range!
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Pin Foot
Fires an arrow into the foot of their enemy, injuring them and trapping them in place. Cost: 20 energy, 20sec Cooldown.

-- Focus A: Fires an arrow at target that Pins and deals damage, then slows. (80dmg)
-- Focus B: Fires an arrow at the target enemy. A hit knocks back and immobilizes the target enemy dealing damage. (80dmg)
  • The standard ability locks the person in place for 5 seconds. While they cannot move, they can still attack in the direction they were facing when 'pinned'. In other words if they were successfully attacking you as you pinned them - strafe a reasonable distance left or right while attacking them to avoid eating their return fire.
  • Pin Foot will also raise the Determination status on the enemy, meaning they are immune to further stuns for a short period. This will affect the knockdown of Explosive trap, although any stuns used on a 'Determined' target will still cause a slow effect. (see General Game Mechanics link at top of page for info on Determination)
Posted Image
Lays down a trap of caltrops, that when triggered causes all pursuers in range to bleed and move more slowly. Cost: 20 energy, 15sec Cooldown.
80dmg (16x5)

-- Focus A: Throws out a trap in front of the Pathfinder. The trap triggers when an enemy is near, slowing nearby enemies and doing damage over time. (16x5dmg)
-- Focus B: Drops a decoy trap at the Pathfinder's feet. The trap triggers when an enemy is near, dealing a tiny amount of damage. (1dmg)
  • Area of Effect attack.
  • The default Caltrops causes a small bleed on enemies over 5 seconds, but perhaps more importantly slows them as well. Helpful for gaining distance on melee classes, or for slowing the escape of your enemies.
Posted Image
Explosive Trap
Lays a trap that when triggered explodes, damaging and knocking down any pursuers within range. Cost: 30 energy, 15 sec Cooldown.

-- Focus A: Throws out a trap in in front of the Pathfinder. The trap triggers when an enemy is near, knocking down all nearby enemies and dealing damage. (100dmg)
-- Focus B: Drops a trap at the Pathfinder's feet. The trap triggers when an enemy is near, knocking back nearby enemies and dealing heavy damage. (240dmg)
  • Area of Effect attack.
  • This is actually your highest damaging ability on a single target and it delivers the same power to all enemies in the blast radius! It also provides a knockdown/knockback effect and stun making it a very powerful tool. Combine with camouflage swap for maximum enjoyment :)
Posted Image
The Pathfinder blends into their surroundings, becoming undetectable until they move. While in Camouflage, the Pathfinder is able to use unseen pathways beneath the ground floor to kidnap an enemy, dragging them under the ground floor then trading places with them. Doing this ends Camouflage. Cost: 30 energy, 20sec Cooldown. [Cooldown is halved to 10secs if you break camouflage by moving]

-- Focus A: Makes the Pathfinder difficult to see. Moving will end the effect. If the Pathfinder is damaged while active it will swap positions with the attacker. [Unable to initiate a swap, but swap places with anyone that damages you. Can be used through Line of Sight in the case of DoTs/AoE]
-- Focus B: Makes the Pathfinder unable to attack and difficult to see. Moving will end Camouflage. If used again while in Camouflage, the Pathfinder's position will be swapped with target player. [Receiving damage will not end camo]
  • You are semi-stealthed while the default Camouflage is active, gaining a kind of 'Predator' shimmer. You can shoot without breaking camo, but taking damage or moving will cancel the effect. While in camouflage, press the button again while targeting somebody - friend OR foe - to trade places with them.
  • Combine your traps with the swap ability for a great opener or as a way to pull the enemy shaman out of his team - but this can be difficult to pull off so plan carefully and let your teammates know what you are doing.
Armor Values
All Pathfinder damage is NATURE damage. With customization, players have the ability of increasing (or decreasing) their resistance to nature damage. This will effect the final damage that your abilities do to each individual player. Below is the base resistances to Nature damage for each class, and the formula used to work it out.

Damage Reduction % = (Armor Value / (1000 + Armor Value))*100

Base Resistance to NATURE damage (pre-customization)
  • Assassin - 24.52%
  • Pathfinder - 37.83%
  • Pyromancer - 16.67%
  • Shaman - 24.52%
  • Warden - 34.43%
  • Ravager - 27.27%

Tips For Playing The Pathfinder

You are a master of crowd-control (CC) and you will have to master all of your CC's to be of most benefit to your team. Pin Foot, Blinding Arrow, Caltrops, Explosive Trap and Camo-Swap make you a giant Pain-In-The-Ass for the opposing team, and getting them to hit your targets at the right times is an extremely satisfying part of pathfinder gameplay.

What Makes You Unique?
Your Traps and Camouflage abilities are the major unique mechanics to the class, and using these well is what will make the difference between a good and a great Pathfinder.

Using the swap component well is difficult, because in most cases it puts you into heavy danger at the same time and will rely on your teammates to 'finish the job'. If you're up against a team with a shaman, you can lay down a trap and then camo-swap the shaman out of his team and into yours. Of course this means you will be in immediate danger and will have to know your maps well to utilize walljumping etc to escape unharmed. With good team coordination, you could lay down Caltrops for the swapped shaman, slowing him and allowing your team some time to attack - and save your Explosive (knockdown) trap for the unsuspecting enemies at the other end of your swap. This again allows you some time to escape while they are knocked down.
There are also some fun uses of the ability too - swapping your relic carrier across the map (or the enemy carrier for that matter), swapping enemy pathfinders/pyros that are sniping from a perch, swapping a low hp teammate out of a sure-death situation etc etc.

Timing your traps well will make the difference between Victory and Defeat in most battles. Both traps are an Area-of-Effect (AoE) attack, meaning they will hit multiple targets in the 'blast-zone' when triggered. Caltrops delivers the group slow and damage-over-time (DoT), while Explosive Trap gives you the group knockdown and high instant damage.
If you have an assassin on the enemy team, your traps will become mostly defensive tools - defending both you AND your teammates. If your shaman (or anyone else, but friendly shaman is priority 1) is getting jumped by a 'sin, run in with a Poison Arrow or two and then hit ExpTrap as soon as you're in range. This will give your teammate time to flee and recover. This is a FAR better alternative than using Pin Foot because the pinned assassin will still be able to attack, and if your teammate was in a stun then you've probably just made things worse.
Offensively, your traps are useful in combination with Camouflage - both as a fight-initiator and as a finishing move too. Another way to use them in your attack is to drop a trap and then lure your enemy into them. Maps often have 'bottleneck' areas that are good for this.

Your Role in the Team
You are an Offensive Support class. You have 3 pure damage abilities, 4 CC's and Camo (CC/movement/?). The fact that your 4 CC's do damage as well means you can dish out a lot of damage while making the other teams life hell.
Primarily you will be protecting your Shaman whenever there is one on your team. As a ranged class, you can still deal reliable damage to the enemies while staying within close range of your shaman. Being close to him means that you can quickly run in and drop a trap if a pesky assassin pops out of the shadow world. As a bonus, you will be nice and close if you need any healing, or you can camo-swap low-hp teammates into your shaman if you're feeling really generous!!

When you don't have a shaman on your team - SWITCH TO SHAMAN! Failing that, class match-ups will become more important...

Class Match-ups
The great thing about Forge is that there is no "super combo" to kill everyone. Good players utilize the movement and block mechanics to great effect - which will shred your best thought-out combo. Successful 1v1 encounters will be the result of knowing your map (where to escape, where to walljump, where to trap the enemy etc), and knowing your enemy (class mechanics, when to block, approx cooldowns etc).
So while not exactly a 'How to Kill XXX' guide, here are some tips when facing the different classes.

[NOTE: These tips are written from the perspective of a new player with no focus-abilities selected. Focuses can change the match-ups dramatically, but the guide is intended for new players and is written as such.]

Vs Assassin
Okay i put this one first because people often have the biggest problem with assassins. And in a 1v1 you SHOULD have a hard time vs assassins! That is the way this game is made - each class has a role and assassins are designed around single-target damage. So to help maximize your chances against assassins...

The first thing to remember is that their stun also causes your next successful ability to miss. Many pathfinders drop a trap as the first move out of a stun and wonder why it missed. Spin around and shoot with a mouse1 first and then use either pinfoot or caltrops while shooting/blocking and sprinting backwards or walljumping to a better position. Choosing where to engage the assassin can make all the difference.
While you were creating distance you should have got a few Poison Arrows or Bow Shots off to put pressure on him and now they will either retreat (not likely) or close the gap with Shadow Leap. Try to predict the shadow leap with Explosive trap and you should have a stunned assassin with less than half hp at your feet by now, and you can start kiting again until they're dead. Of course the 'sin can block many of these abilities, which is why i don't like to sit on my traps waiting for them - if they heard you do it, they will open with a block.

As to blocking 'sins abilities - personally i like to spin to face them and start blocking straight out of their opening stun. This is usually when they will be getting their 3rd Puncture stack on you and then probably applying Pantera's Kiss. If timed right (learn the sound effects) you will avoid a fair chunk of damage and can then follow the above tips to gain some distance. Blocking Pantera's Kiss will put it on cooldown too, so try to time this well.

Vs Pyromancer
This class excels at long distance damage as well as Area of Effect attacks. In a long distance 1v1 with a pyro, they are at a significant advantage due to the fact that your abilities are projectile (arrows fly across the map) whereas theirs is Hitscan (effectively instant damage, though not the best way to describe it- see wiki). Thus your best strategy is simple - lure the pyro into medium range to lessen his advantage.

Their most damaging 1v1 ability is cast-time and therefore easily blocked. In the beginning, consider it safe to block anytime you see a cast-bar over a pyro's head and it's aimed at you - but in reality you only need to block Curse of Flames and Fire Storm (as far as cast-time abilities are concerned). The other two are Flame Wall and Molten Armor and you shouldn't really be close enough for them to matter. If you are in close, a good pyro will try to Bola you into a Fire Wall for a shit-tonne of damage. Blocking the bola will save your life here, but because it's instant it will rely on your educated guesswork and timing. A great way to secure a lot of damage to this class is if you can get a successful camo-swap into both traps as an opener, and follow that with a barrage of Poison Arrows and Bow Shots - leaving Blind and Pin Foot for if they try to escape.

Vs Warden
Forges Tank class - though meant as a loose term. They are a melee class with low damage, high armor survivability, several CC's and Aura's that buff their teams max-health and damage mitigation or damage and speed depending on which one is used.

While generally not difficult to beat as a Pathfinder, it can be a little harder in tight, enclosed places. Maintaining your distance and kiting makes this matchup a cakewalk, but if you let them stick to you they can buff themselves to take very little damage and will slowly chip your HP away. Do not shoot when they are using Stand Ground either (the ability that looks like a round brick wall). If you shoot that you will be silenced for 4 seconds.

Vs Shaman
While you should win this match up with ease - a shaman that is good at blocking will cause you some frustration. I find the best solution to this is to get up close and personal. Of course they will try to bounce away with Spiritual Burden, so save Pin Foot for after that so you can catch back up. Being up close means that it's easier to get behind them and they have no real damage to worry about.

Important note - when fighting up close, you MUST block Spiritual Drain (a fast cast with a green icon). If this lands on you, it will drain your energy and transfer it to the shaman, which is obviously bad news for you. Apart from that, just block their mouse1's (long-ish cast with white icon) and you will take no damage from them and they wont be able to regenerate mana for self heals.

Vs Ravager
The Ravager is a melee 'bruiser', excelling at finishing off enemies with low health. He is highly mobile with a reasonable base speed and 2 grappling hook abilities - one that pulls him to the enemy, and one that pulls the enemy to him. He does not benefit from stealth like the assassin, or damage mitigation like the warden - instead he uses friends OR foes to pull himself around the map.

You will need to time your CC well to keep this guy off of you. Any time you create some distance, he will just use Grapple and catch back up in a flash. If he is already on top of you, use Explosive Trap for the stun and damage and start kiting. Get as many poison arrow stacks as possible and keep an eye on the Determination circle at his feet so you know when to use Pin Foot. So long as you keep him off you, Poison Arrow and Explosive Trap will make it an easy match-up. Don't sit on your traps waiting for him either, they will just pull you to them with the Hook ability. Oh, and don't forget your Blind!

If you are low HP the Ravager will finish you in just a few swipes of the Mangle ability. In times like this you may just want to block and retreat until your Explosive Trap is off cooldown. He also has a stun and knockback that are important to block - but they are instant so it's up to the educated guesswork again.

Vs Pathfinder
Well this just comes down to who's mastered the class and the maps better. Good Luck!!


Thanks for having a look at my guide. I actually enjoy playing all the classes so far; Shaman and Warden have interesting and unique mechanics and are fun to play, and the Assassin and Pyromancer have great toolkits and interesting strategies to work with. After playing them all to death in the first Alpha release of the game, I found i kept getting drawn back to the Pathfinder in the end. I think the personal deal-breaker is that i like to see the arrows shoot across the map and the sense of satisfaction when they hit a target. Kinda like a little visual ego-boost every time. You have a bag of crowd-control abilities, and with Determination meaning you cant just chain CC a single target until death (a GOOD thing) you have to learn how and when to best use them for maximum benefit. In saying that, i thought I'd put together a few of the tips that i found useful.

Check out these other great guides to improve your Forge gameplay:
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Please post your Pathfinder tips/combos for all to see! :)
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I will do my best to keep this updated.

Jumping Tutorials:

- Ymils Throne 1080p Enjoy!
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