Shaman have an arsenal of abilities at their disposal designed to restore the health or otherwise support their allies in battle. With minimal offensive tools at their disposal, they rely on their allies to clear the field of enemies. Though they’re not direct combatants themselves, they are sturdy enough to survive in the heart of battle.

Vaklndr History

As one of the three most ancient practices of the Vaklndr, not all of their history is known. What is known, is that the first structures built by the Vaklndr of stone were temples constructed by the Shaman. The very first of which were located high in the mountains on a peak named Ymil’s Throne. To help ease their shift into the realm of the dead, the Shaman are hearty drinkers, giving them a husky frame that belies their abilities in battle. Shamans worship Ymil through their ancestors, each choosing a pantheon of ancestors to act as conduits to various facets of Ymil’s power. Outsiders to the Shaman’s way of life consider them mad, blaming it on their constant communing with the dead. They’re partially correct. Shaman’s are changed, seeing both the realm of the living and that of the dead at once, but they have not all gone mad from it.

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