Assassins are masters of deception and deadly combatants. Armed with poisons, daggers, and the ability to shift into the realm of shadow, they are feared like no other. Assassins rely on deception to gain the upper hand on opponents. While they are skilled fighters, their light armor grants them little defense against the coordinated attacks of their enemies, making them unable to fight in the open for too long.

Vaklndr History

The Iskime people lived in the great North, where the sun does not show its face for months at a time. When the Vaklndr conquered their world, a small sect of the Iskime people remained true to their culture. While the Vaklndr only honored face-to-face combat, where they could see the face and eyes of their opponents, the Iskime people worshiped Pantera, the goddess of the night, and trained their warriors to be agile, masters of shadow and deception. True to their Iskime heritage, Assassins refuse the heavy armor of the Warden or Ravager.

  •           STEALTH



    The Assassin moves from our world into the world of shadow, staying there until they choose to act. Requires the Assassin not already be in the world of shadow. Attacks made while in stealth temporarily slow their opponent.

  •           STRIKE



    The Assassin's base ability, a dual strike attack with both daggers. The Assassin is rewarded for positioning with this attack.

  •           SHADOW SHIFT



    The Assassin takes hold of an enemy and drags them for a short time into the Assassin's personal world of shadow. The enemy is burdened while here, being in a world they are unfamiliar with, and move more slowly. The Assassin loses access to all abilities that require her to shift into the shadow world. Neither enemy or ally are able to see either the Assassin or the enemy during the shift.

  •           PUNCTURE



    The Assassin twists their blade to cause the enemy to be crippled with agony.




    Assassin's are equally adept on the battlefield without a weapon in their hand. With Disorienting Strike, the Assassin lands a blow on their enemy that leaves the enemy unable to successfully strike any opponent for a period of time.

  •           SMOKE CLOUD



    The Assassin drops a cloud of smoke, obscuring vision in and out of the area.

  •           PANTERA’S KISS



    The Assassin curses their enemy. To lift the curse, the enemy must successfully attack the Assassin before the curse reaches its full power. If they do not, only pain awaits.

  •           SHADOW LEAP



    The Assassin, chosen by the avatar of shadow, has mystical abilities. They are able to move from our world into the world of shadow and appear directly behind their opponent. Requires the Assassin not already be in the world of shadow.

In Game... Panther